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"I do not seek, I find." Pablo Picasso

Thanks to our operational experience and functional expertise, we have a solid knowledge of the transfer market's activity and the organisation of companies. We can therefore advise you in human capital strategy with vision, conviction and efficiency.

This also explains why we are recognised* for our ability to present clients with candidates who will provide added value while contributing to the protection of the strategy of the company..

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An international industrial company of the consumer goods sector, member of the SBF120 index decided to reorganise its legal department. Dispatched within business units, the lawyers reported to the local CEO – an organisation that had led to the duplication of functions, inconsistencies, legal uncertainties, and therefore to the lack of organisational transparency.


• Audit of the existing based on interviews ranging from the Board members to the legal experts including the Executive Committee
• Benchmarking of the organisation based on similar groups’ studies
• Recommendation of a target organisation: creation of a global corporate legal department, definition of positions, creation of points of contact depending on location and expertise


• The strategic protection and the legal security were strengthened at all levels of the company
• Increasing the responsibility of each team gave a new impulse that resulted into a stronger involvement of the legal experts in the group’s development
• The executive committee perceived the added value of a properly structured legal department, notably during a recent cross-border merger that doubled the size of the group


After the departure of its general counsel, who had been within the firm for more than twenty years, a high-tech company, member of the SBF120 index, deemed appropriate to redefine and resize its legal function before recruiting a new global general counsel.


• Presentation of the evolution and scope of strategic protection functions over the past few years, with a focus on the technology industry to bring the Executive Committee and Board state-of-the-art information
• Cultural analysis of the company to build a target organisation in accordance with its management methods
• Recommendation of a definition and a position for the future general counsel


• A function calibrated to contribute both to the development and to the protection of the company by reinforcing the general counsel’s role upstream of the strategic projects
• An excellent fit between the hired candidate and the company – the DAF acknowledged that it was one of the best recruitments carried out over the past 4 years
• An enhanced leadership team, an asset to better address legal issues and face future challenges


A pharmaceutical company, listed on the SBF120, wanted to create a compliance team to complement its regulatory affairs team

Actions taken

• Audit of the existing to separate compliance missions from the regulatory activity
• Design of a compliance department
• Definition of the potential profiles to build a team made up of complementary skills and cultural backgrounds
• Organisation of the team’s interactions with the global functional and operational divisions


• Our « Think out of the box » approach convinced the client to broaden the scope of the search to other types of profiles such as engineers, doctors, pharmacists, risk managers etc - bringing a business vision in addition to their operational expertise
• A robust, long-lasting team that quickly integrated into the company and demonstrated its added value in a fast-growing international group


An entrepreneurial investment bank, very active in technological and dynamic sectors wanted to review the scope of its CFO's activity to align with its high-growth goals.

Actions undertaken

• Understand the challenges that the investment bank’s leaders want to meet: evolve the organisation to be more efficient internally and improve its ability to support their customers, innovative and fast-growing companies
• Use our "think out of the box" approach to find a profile that will be both one of the driving forces of the company in its digital transformation and business development and an excellent Administrative and Financial Director


• A function calibrated to swiftly contribute to the development of activities in Europe while keeping the entrepreneurial spirit at the heart of the culture
• An easy integration thanks to the excellent communication and the relationship of trust established among the managers, the candidate and our firm throughout the recruitment process

Testimonials & recommendations

DRH Groupe familial

La chasse est très satisfaisante, tous les candidats sont vraiment bien dans la cible et très pertinents.

Président d'une ETI

Nous sommes très heureux de la collaboration initiée avec votre cabinet et la compétence avec laquelle vous conduisez cette mission.


Merci pour cette riche entrevue.
Très appréciable d’avoir un tel niveau d’échange dans le cadre d’un premier entretien.


Je tiens par ailleurs à vous remercier pour nos échanges tout au long de la procédure de recrutement, votre disponibilité, la pertinence de vos conseils et votre soutien à ma candidature.


Il m’a vivement été recommandé de vous contacter du fait de votre excellente réputation auprès des Holdings financières / Family offices / Sociétés d’investissement.


Il y a environ deux ans, Angélique Budin me recevait à son cabinet BCP.
Rechercher un emploi à plus de 50 ans est difficile et je lui suis très reconnaissant d’avoir transformé ce qui aurait pu être une épreuve en une démarche enrichissante…couronnée de succès.


Tous deux sont des candidats de valeur qui nous ont fait bonne impression, nous vous remercions pour la qualité de leurs candidatures.

DRH CAC 40 client depuis 7 ans

Pour la première fois de ma carrière je n’arrive pas à choisir entre les deux candidats finalistes. Vous nous avez présenté des candidats de grande qualité.
Merci pour votre accompagnement, je suis à nouveau très contente de vos services. Le recrutement de ce candidat illumine ma journée.

DRH Group ETI client depuis 9 ans

Dès que l’on a un recrutement juridique, c’est vous.

Compliance Officer allemand d’un groupe international

Je tiens à vous remercier pour la grande qualité des dossiers confidentiels particulièrement étayés que nous avons reçus pour chaque candidat. Je n’avais jamais vu ce degré de précision auparavant et j'ai beaucoup apprécié. Votre analyse correspondait parfaitement à ce qui est ressorti de l’entretien avec les candidats.

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