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Director of Ethics – a role that has become indispensable to create value

BY BLANDINE CORDIER-PALASSE, La Revue RH&M n°84 – 01/2022 When we talk about CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) (Corporate Social Responsibility) or sustainable development, we immediately think of environmental and social environmental and social issues. However, governance is just as fundamental governance is just as fundamental because without it, there can be no sustainably successful company. […]

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Compliance obligation: vigilance is required on the buyer’s side

A “surprise” decision of the French Supreme Court, taken in November 2020, directly affects certain M&A transactions. It modifies the mapping of risks incurred by the buyer by adding an additional dose in the area of compliance. Explanations. Does anyone remember the time when a financial audit and a few legal investigations were all that […]

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Comex/Codir evaluation: a powerful lever within reach of all companies

By Blandine Cordier-Palasse President of BCP Partners, a human strategy firm specializing in recruiting for the Finance, Legal, Risk & Compliance and Directors functions and in advising executives on governance / Board of Directors and Executive Committee / Management Board evaluations. Doctor of Law, Company Director. Co-founder of the Cercle De la Compliance, former Legal […]

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Transparency, a bulwark against doubt and disinformation?

Since 2009, the Grands Prix de la Transparence have rewarded the quality of information provided by SBF 120 companies, based on four pillars: accessibility, accuracy, comparability and availability. Why transparency? Because, according to the Scientific Committee of the Grands Prix, it is “a factor in the sustainable development of a company”. Fable, didactic and less […]

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The risk of corrupt liabilities in mergers and acquisitions

BY PHILIPPE MONTIGNY AND BLANDINE CORDIER-PALASSE, Mergers & Acquisitions Magazine – 01/2010 Recently, the issue of foreign bribery has been considered a major risk for companies, particularly in the context of M&A processes. Today, a French company that pays an undue commission in the context of a foreign contract, directly or through a subsidiary or […]

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Compliance 20 years on

More and more managers are realizing that compliance is not just another constraint, but rather a formidable lever for organizational efficiency and business performance, an asset in a globalized world where the trust factor is key and transparency fundamental. Hot topics such as business integrity, manager effectiveness, data management, investigations, pandemic impacts, corporate ethics culture […]

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