Consulting & Governance

"Our goal is not to predict the future, but to help you make it possible" St Exupéry

Contribute to the performance of the governance boards structures : Assess corporate governance boards both individual by individual and collectively, analyse operating visions and strategies, decision-making methods, cooperation intelligences and, of course, individual and collective behaviour in order to propose potential avenues for adaptation and progress. These are all factors that contribute to the performance of the structures that make up the governance of our companies.

Conseil d’Administration

Conseil de Surveillance

Comité Exécutif Comité de Direction



  • Assessment of both individual and collective functioning of the Board
  • Systemic approach of the functionning of the organisation
  • Alignment with corporate strategy
  • Performance dynamics of the Board
  • Presentation of strengths / points for improvement:
    • to the CEO/Chairman
    • then to the assessed board

Recommandations & monitoring of the implementation

  • Improving the Board's efficiency
  • Strategic alignment assessment
  • Composition and functionning
  • Taylor-made mentoring and coaching program
  • Recruitment of complementary profiles
    • - in Boards
    • - in ComEx / CoDir

Our missions


An international agro-food group with a « family governance » model was planning its IPO in Singapore, Geneva or Paris. The creation ex nihilo of an experts’ team to structure the corporate legal aspects required.

Actions taken

• Specify the required skills to lead an IPO then to deal with the investors and quotation issues in the long run
• Using our « thinking out of the box » approach, build a small and efficient team to ensure the long-term success of the mission
• Clarify the roles and scopes of both the legal department and the IPO team
• Advise the executive board on the evolution of governance and on the legal structure of the group


• A fast and fruitful integration : the team has been established for 5 years
• A smooth relationship between the existing organisation and the new team


One of Europe’s leading IT services firm wanted to renew more than 50% of its executive board over the next 2 years. Considering the scale of the turnover and the stakes of remaining a leader in a fastgrowing sector, the CEO chose to partner with us for its optimal composition.

Actions carried out in close cooperation with the Head of the President’s cabinet

• Determine the skills, personalities and cultures that would complement those of the current board, while taking the company’s strategy into account
• Use our « thinking out of the box » approach to suggest new types of expertise and professionals from various horizons that would be driving forces for change
• Elaboration of an onboarding calendar to span the 2 years
• Design of a marketing pack, a tool to convince the potential candidates approached to join
• Assist in the new directors’ integration


• A clear road map that has simplified the selection of the directors to be targeted and effective tools to convince them
• A robust, diversified, multicultural Board of Directors actively involved in the development of this SBF120 company

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