Breathing new life into your governance

The collective intelligence of a team at the service of performance and sustainability. Faced with a new world due to digitization, globalization, CSR, ecosystems, and even Covid 19, our companies are certainly led to change the tasks and responsibilities of their management, but also of their boards of directors, which, more often than not, have been discreet, even secret. They now have to change the way they operate and choose objectives to achieve not only for the company, but also for themselves. However, behind the name “consulting”, there are men and women who dedicate themselves to the success of the company with their skills, values and experience, and this according to an inevitable increase in time.The board is therefore a team that lives! As the first actor in the service of the company’s sustainability, it is a team in charge of supervising the dynamic implementation of these evolutions, in search of new and innovative forms of performance. This is one of the main reasons why we have put together this book. We wanted to approach the subject of governance from a panoramic perspective and for this book to be a compass for those who are wondering about the real and rapid transformation of boards. Taking into account the constraints linked to the general interest, the way in which wealth is produced and shared are now an integral part of the missions and raison d’être of a company. Faced with these challenges, the mission of directors requires true professionalization, a real diversity of board members and regular evaluation meetings, which are the markers of their own performance.


  • Patrick Bertrand, Chairman of the Medef’s Corporate Governance Committee, emphasizes that “governance is not a body of law, but a state of mind”;
  • Béatrice Richez-Baum, Managing Director of EcoDa, points out that “directors must be directors must be bearers of meaning and clarity!
  • Jean Duforest, entrepreneur and founding president of ID Kids, explains that when it comes to the sustainability and Jean Duforest, entrepreneur and founding president of ID Kids, explains that when it comes to the sustainability and transmission of family businesses: “We transmit what we are, not what we say!
  • Philippe Montigny, designer of the first anti-corruption certification system within the OECD compliance, which, in his view, “stimulates innovation and accelerates the speed of response to the speed of response to market expectations”.
  • Caroline Ruellan, president of the Cercle des administrateurs, reminds us that “boards, still too often passive, must be an asset”. boards, which are still too often passive, must be an asset”.
  • Pascal Colombani, Honorary Chairman of Valeo and director of numerous companies, emphasizes the importance of “corporate the importance of “corporate responsibility” and “the profound changes that must absolutely be taken into and whose importance, for many of them, in terms of individual and collective responsibility is not measured”.
  • Without forgetting the words of many others such as Lucille Desjonquères, Patrick d’Humières, or Sabrina Chikh for example.


  • Roles and responsibilities of a board
  • Duties and powers of directors
  • Logics of power, logics of action
  • Training and information for directors
  • The board and management: interactions
  • Evaluation of the board’s performance
  • CSR and stakeholders: the challenges of the future
  • Compliance, a support for governance
  • Diversity of directors: meaning and realities
  • Shareholders and governance: games and issues
  • Chairman or CEO: questions and challenges
  • The values of family businesses


  • Daniel Bos: designer and publisher of multilingual evaluation processes and software for boards, comex and codir
  • Blandine Cordier-Palasse : expert in board evaluation, research of directors and executives, compliance and governance
  • Leonardo Veneziani : international researcher and intercultural consultant in systemic dynamics, strategies and leadership
  • Florence Zauderer : international M&A/RSE consultant. Organizational consulting and governance assessment.